Should You List Your Home for Sale During the Holiday's?

I have had many clients ask me whether or not they should list their home for sale during the holiday's and I think it's a great question for debate.

Before we talk Turkey or whether Santa Claus is real, let's talk about some things to expect regardless of when you list your home for sale.

1. Once your home is listed for sale you have to be ready and willing to make it available to be shown to potential buyers with very little notice in many cases. Your property needs to stay as clean as possible during this time! So if you are planning on having company or relatives (like Cousin Eddy) hanging around the house during the holidays, it is probably best to wait to list until the family has left the vacinity! Laughing

2. Do you plan on decorating your house like the photo in this post? While you might be Christmases biggest fan, some buyers may not be overly thrilled with your enthusiasm and be sidetracked by all the shiny lights. 1st impressions are everything so you should probably wait until you pack up the nativity scene before listing. 

3. What's your reason for selling? Looking to upgrade or downsize? Got relocated, or maybe even lost a job? Your timeline is the most important thing to consider when selling. "Having to sell" and "wanting to sell" are two completely different things. If you have to sell then you should get your house in order, pull down the Christmas decorations and tell Cousin Eddy that this year is not happening at your place! The market is super hot right now and not even Christmas can put out the fire!! Plus you will have an advantage over those that decided to wait until after the holidays to list and sell. 

I hope this information helped you if your contemplating selling your home. If you have any questions concerning your homes current value, market conditions, or anything else, dont hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call!

Happy Holidays!!

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